Ode to a psycho!HA!
2004-03-07 16:22:05 (UTC)

Familiar Flats and People who can't hold their liquor

I went to Myriams Birthday party last night. It was fun for a little while,
but then I was just so incredibly bored you wouldn't even believe.
Mitchell threw up, and it pretty much was the beginning of the end of
this, could have been, great party. I didn't know at least a quarter of the
people there, and I was left sitting on the couch by myself, while my
boyfried tried to make sure that mitchell didn't die from chocking on his
own vomit. Some people were completely trashed, some were
pretending like they were completely trashed, and the few remaining
people were pinfully sober. I was some where in the middle. I wasn't
drunk, I was too bored to be drunk, but I wasn't all together either. I did
have a few really nice moments with my boyfriend, at random points
throughout the night, so that made the party worth going to. left about
one, and had someone drive me home. He stayed, which I'm not sure he
wanted to. It was an alright night I guess. We went to the zoo in the
afternoon, and that was so much fun!!! I love the zoo. Then we went to
the mall, which i think affected my mood for the entire rest of the night.
My mom needed to get an anniversary present for my grandmother, and
so she made us come with her. I really wanted to go home and sleep for
like an hour before the party, but because we went to the mall I couldn't.
I walked in the door at my house and my ride called to tell me they were
on their way, when actually they were already at my house, that kind of
made me a bit mad so I made them wait while I changed my shirt, and
brushed my teeth. I think the lack of that hour of sleep was the cause of
my perpetual downer for the rest of the evening.

On a completely seperate note, Elyse is going to disney world for like 4
or 5 days with her boyfriend. I'm so insanely jealous, you woldn't
believe. It pisses me off because she can go all of these places, and do
all of these thing, and I have no car. She got to go to 42nd street at the
times union with Slowey, and so she ditched me and my boyfriend when
we had had plans for weeks to go to a hockey game, and she tells me on
the phone who shes giving the tickets away to, and I was really upset
about that, because she knew how HORRIBLY I wanted to go to 42nd
street, and then she go to go all of a sudden, and I could have gotted
tickets for the same day, and gave them up because I was supposed to
go to the hockey game with her. I was really ticked. Then a while back
we were talking about stuff, and I mentioned that I thought that it would
be so much fun to go to disney with billy for our one year anniversary,
and stay in a really nice resort down there, and stay for 4 or 5 days, and
just relax and not have to think about anything, and save some money
so that maybe we can do a nice dinner, or a dinner theatre, or
something, and that, that would be my ideal way to spend my
anniversary. An she said awe, that waas really sweet, and sounded like
fun, but she wouldn't do something like that with slowey, because she
wouldn't be able to have any fun because they would both want to do
different things, and this and that, but that I should really look into it
and IF I EVER GET A day it might be a reality, yadda,
yadda. SHe pisses me off, and she knows it. She does all of these things
knowing good and well that I would die to do them, and then tells me in
detail about them. And why can't I do anything about it...because neither
my boyfriend or I have a car. sigh..............