malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-03-07 10:24:17 (UTC)

alone in the dark of an auditorium

there was a pink slip on your door
this morning, you have been
evicted from your life
manufactured love, manufactured life, manufactured loss
they sell you insanity in the form of;
dollar bills, pieces of plastic, imaginary e-numbers
scrolling across a screen you can't touch
just enough to live off of
never enough to live for

ink stained, piss stained
a man preaches a thousand miles away
about the values and virtues of his country-
about life, liberty and
all of the choices he is making for YOU(points finger)

where is the "drink coke fuck up"?
where is the happiest sad girl?
where is the west?
choking on sentiment and circular gold jewelry

would i rather remember what i forgot,
or forget what i remember?
i'd never be the same,
i promise.

i was ten minutes too late
i am done being clever.
i was alone in the dark of an auditorium.
i didn't have the nerve
to lean over in that dark
and speak...

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