Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2004-03-07 05:36:02 (UTC)

clairs stupis ass journal

after tons of antidepressants and houndreds of dollars
later i find myself here now....reading clairs stupdi ass
journal and i'm finding myself wanting to kill her more
than anything. ANYTHING!!!!! wow...i honestly think if i
had the chance id kill: george bush, starving people in
ethiopia, brittny spears, alex green and any other person
who i just hate for fucking up thje world even more. Id
kill all the fuckin niggers here too...not the black
people, just the niggers(big diff). hung out with
soundriot a bit today....helped arian write some
lyrics...i dunno...we had some good talks about....life.
about how things are so fucked up....fucking zoloft is
keeping me from thinking. and i'm so confused....i'm
thinking so much about what i'm going to excell in, in
life...i have so many choices but i dont know which path
to take...corroner, bass guitar, drawling, writing....i
dunno...filipe and I play well together...i think oure
band will be pretty cool.ahh i have to go play neopets
becuase ive been playing it evory now and then for
about.....3 years and it drives me mad how adictive it
is....i feel immature man...hahaha i think it's got mind
controll shit inside all the games to make us come back to