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silent wishes
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2004-03-07 05:08:05 (UTC)

ah but on a happy-er note

today was rather boring, atleast until now. it seems that
when i become uterly bored i begin to think, like at night
right before you go to sleep when everything i've seen,
said, done, or thought about floods my mind and i lay for
hours on end just thinking.

last night was really fun. my boyfriend and i had
intentions to go see a movie, but after we drove down there
and stood in line the guy at the counter wouldnt sell me a
ticket for it because i was a year too young. of all the
times to have no had my learners license. yea i know, you
think that my learners wouldnt get me into a R rated movie,
but it would have in this case, because the little twit
behind counter didnt say anything when my boyfriend held up
his license with his thumb covering the date. so we went
and stood around for a little bit, decided there was
nothing else good on except for 'Big Fish' which didnt
appear to have any times, so went to the mall and walked
around. i bought another thumb ring and toe ring to replace
the ones i lost ::mutters offending comments:: i'm still
mad i lost them. my thumb ring my brother gave me and the
toe ring i bought this summer and i really liked it because
it looked like the Zoro symbol. ARGH!!! i cant believe i
lost it!! errrr...anyway.

after we walked around the mall for awhile we went back
out to his car and went to Wendy's. seems to have
become "our" restaurant, but i love Wendy's and that jsut
gives me another reason to like it. then we aorund looking
him a black robe for part of his costume for Nero. that was
fun. i dont know why, but i like walking around cold stores
when its starting to get kinda late in the night. its nice,
and even tho i hate the cold, i really enjoyed it.

but the funniest thing was when we went into Target and
started playing with the toys. well, he played, and i tried
not to break anything. i did play with a lightsaber, but it
was one of the short ones so i couldnt really fight with it
very good. then we walked over to the movies and found the
one we had intended on seeing in the 1st place. i think it
would've been cheeper to just buy the movie and watch it at
his house, but seeing as we didnt know it was there to
begin with, well anyway, it was good for a nice long laugh
and gave me something else to aggrivate him
with. ::laughs:: ah good times.

y'know what's fun? sitting in a car with the windows
rolled down alitte almost in the middle of the night,
litterally out in the middle of nowhere and listening to
the wind and the night. stupid as it sounds, i loved it.
tho i'm still trying to figure out where that train track
is...but yea, its really peaceful and very very fun. i did
learn something last night too. when right before a tornado
hits, it sounds like a train coming through the middle of
where ever you are. that's a really interesting thought.

yes but such as it is, i had a really good time doing
basically absolutly nothing. see the thing is, is that i
cant drive yet (only...3 more months!! yay!,) therefore i
cant go anywhere and i never get to go to a place and just
be very often. heh, momma cant understand why i dont want
to talk a lot or be around people much, but its just that i
dont have that much to say, not anything that very many
people could understand anyway, and i do like being around
people. i'm just picky about which ones, because i cant
stand liars, whinners, stupid people (yes there is a
difference between ignorance and stupidity.) or jerks. and
that takes off atleast 1/2 the people around here, so i'm
happy just sitting in my room typing or talking to myself.
and as long myself doesnt talk back, i'll be fine. yes.
doing nothing is absolutly great.

it amazes me that i have sat here for almost 2 hours
talking to myself in my head and typing it on here. that
little voice, well, the little voices, i have in my head
are exceltent company, especially because they're all very
opinionated on on extremely different subjects. it really
does amaze me that i can think up so many different things
for the little voices to say. its like i make them live.
yes i know, i proabably am crazy. but i'm enjoying it so HA
on you. that makes no sense at all...therefore i shall
leave it. hehehe, i think i should probably to use
capitalization...nah. that takes all the fun out of
aggrivating all of you. (::laughs:: "all of you" i say that
as tho expecting to be talking to more than the 1 person
that i know for sure is reading this.)

i wonder what i did. becuase i'm in a really good mood.
eh, crap. my head's starting to hurt alittle bit. oh well,
i'm happy now and sleepy, but mostly happy. i should learn
to bottle this. my euphoric feeling has made me want to fly
again, but i cant go yet, because my boyfriend made me
promise him i'd let him be there to catch me when i did
decide to try. and i dont think him or his parents would
like it much if i called him up at 12 something in the
middle of night, telling him to come stand under a bridge
so i could fly. yes, i can see myself being committed
either to a mental hospital or jail for doing that. i think
i'll save it for when it's daytime, altho i like the night
better. but anyway, i am getting sleepy , so goodnite.

forever 17