I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2004-03-07 03:53:05 (UTC)

Nobody Hurts My Horse

I saw Hidalgo this evening. It was really good, and I
thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially because I got new
underwear before hand at Vicki’s AND it was on sale to
boot. Woohoo! I didn’t know the story before hand and I
think that made a difference. I recommend it. Makes me
wanna ride horses….until I remember that I am scared of
horses. Fancy that.

Now I’m watching a show on accidents fishermen have at sea.
Why I am watching this when my father does that for a
living is beyond me. Though the coast of Florida is a tad
less dangerous than the North Atlantic off Iceland, but
there ‘ya go.

I got a 96 on my math test. That’s cause I am smaaht. While
in class I was told I looked like I was 19. I took it as a
huge compliment. I am young looking *ear to ear grin*.

Okay, that is all.