the excitingness of my life
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2004-03-07 03:20:28 (UTC)

~* SuRvEy *~

I like gummi bears.Do you want a gummi bear?:sure why not
What do the voices in your head tell you to do?:to kill you
Tell me a story, a funny one::once upon a time there was an
elf who went ding-a-ling-a-ling and then i took an ax and
killed him . the end.
Tell me a cheesy joke::ur mom is so fat when she sits down
a kid in china smiles..LMAO nicole
What do you miss most about kindergarten?:locking myself in
the bathroom
What's your favorite flavor of Jelly Belly's?:fuck idk 2
many to pick from
With whom and where do you want to be right now?:i want to
be with david gallagher in like someplace warm the
carribbean maybe
What are your views on tupperware?:dont get mad get glad
What are you thinking RIGHT NOW?:i want to kill you
Do you like to act?:sure
Do you believe in horoscopes, palmistry, etc or is it just
a bunch of crap?:bunch of crap
If you could change one thing in the world, what would that
be and why?:murder should be legal
What's the weirdest dream you ever had?:oh fuck i have
wierd dreams every night
Right now, make up a word. Okay, what the hell does that
mean?:GOOGA! it means i want to kill you
Whats your fav personality trait about yourself? Your fav
physical feature?:fave personality trait my randomness
physical my hair i guess
Make a short list of things you love and hate here::gee
love is short since i love NOTHING ok i do love my friends,
and i hate just about everything else in the world
including you cuz i want to kill u
What would a movie about your life be like?:much like the
jason movies i'd be jason
Question 18 got eaten! Nooo! Well, was it tasty?:ooops
sorry got a little hungry
Pretend there's a question here. Okay, now answer it:yes
ive told you a thousand times i want to kill you
What would you do if you saw the Pilsbury Doughboy in your
kitchen?:kill him
What's your screenname?:xhelloximxdeadx
What's your favorite song?:smells like teen spirit
There is no 23. Did you eat it again? Man, what did I tell
you about that?:IM SORRY DAMMIT
Can I have a kidney?:no
Describe your most memorable experience
involving cows::that time i wiped out that herd
in texas with my ax yum steak
Did anyone ever tell you you looked like an ostrich?:no but
u look like an ostrich
Who likes to go bowling?:i do?
Write whatever you want here::i want to kill you