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2004-03-06 23:20:49 (UTC)

My desire to swim

Living in NH Meens that it doesnt get very hot
usually or at least for NORMAL people, but i just happen to
be "hot blooded" as my grandmotheer calls it i wear shorts
though out the winter even if there is a foot of snow on
the ground, but thats not the purpose of this entry. In the
summer i basicly live in water. If i could i WOULD live in
it becuase i am more relaxed in the water than anywhere else
(except with amanda). THe thing is when winter comes the
watter tends to get extremely low when it comes to temp.
and it also freezes over which prevents me fro, swimming
and pisses me off greatly so now that air temps are rising
so are the water temps but there is still ice so you can
guess that i am on the verge of having a spaz attack and
possibly killing someone (not really killing someone i
wouldnt do that), but i might have found a way to ease my
desire to be in the water again, and no it isnt taking a
bath, i have discovered that there just happens to be an
indoor swimming place with in my area and that makes me
feel all wiggely so i just might not have to kill someone
-T.J. Fredtte

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