a little piece of me
2004-03-06 23:19:01 (UTC)

passion of the christ

finally saw it today. i'm not sure what to think or feel. it
was a good movie, and i didn't hear any antisemitic
messages anywhere. i've seen the behind the scenes
stuff (the nail through the hand, the fake scars, the
beating), but it still made me cry. that anyone would
ever have to go through something like that is horrible.
it's disgusting what people can do to each other.

i also discovered today that saturday is the worst day in
the world to try to get anything done. i usually have to
work, so i don't have time to do anything anyway. i
nearly suffered another panic attack while shopping for
some things we just can't do without anymore. the
movie theater was packed. the grocery store was
packed. the streets were crowded. just rediculous.
never again!

got to talk to jessie this morning, also! very excited. we
talked for almost 45 minutes. oops! that's a very long
distance phone call. her mom gave me the number to
her phone card, too. that was so nice. i didn't know that
was what it was at first (she just ran off a whole list of
numbers to dial). it was just like she was down the
street again. it's always that way with jessie. never
feels like she's gone when i'm talking to her. i just wish
she would hurry up and come home!

ok, shit. i cut up a jalapeno pepper and didn't get it all
off my hand. i just stuck my finger in my eye. fuck that
burns. that's what i get for being a dumbass. better get
going and wash it out.