What the Fuck
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2004-03-06 22:22:12 (UTC)

soccer tournament

ok last night the soccer team is in a tournament and they
had a game last night and they did good-see it kind of made
me a little depressed b/c i used to be on the soccer team
but the coach told me that i was too short to play goalie
and wanted me to play another position but i didn't want to
b/c i like goalie so i quit-well my team wanted me to play
goalie but the coach just didn't care he had to stick by
his word-but the girl that took my spot she's good for a b-
team goalie but i don't think she's ready for varsity-she
did good last night and today but they haven't played
stratford yet and i don't know what is goin to happen then-
but they play again tonight at 8 and i've been to everyone
of their games b/c i love my team and i hate quitin on them
like that but i wouldn't have been ne good to them on the
field b/c i'm not good on the field-so to make up for it
i'm goin to come to everyone of their games well all the
ones i can atleast to supprt them-then tonight after the
game i'm goin over to my friends house to watch a movie-i
can't wait even though i'm not playin i know my team still
loves me so i'm ok now-well g2g got to start gettin ready.

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