aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-03-06 22:14:27 (UTC)


*sighs* but its almost a good sigh.... of relife...
finally ppl are happy tha weather is beautiful like a
baby's bottom...oh damn i just sneezzeed!!
BLESS ME! i always say that bc when i was in 6th
grade i sneezzed 6 times n i was in school n the class was
really quiet and no one even looked up or bothered to say
God Bless U!... so i figure now... ill bless my self...
i always man i just got done sneezing 8 did u know that when u sneezee ur heart stops?
UR EYES OPEN"?... i have N I CANT DO IT!... lol Ty is the
one who mentioned it... n ever since then ive been trying
to do it... i swear imma get it ... one day... one day...
ANYWAY!!... yesterday... well yesterday was bangin!... i
was soo hype and i aint need nothing to make me hype i
just had a good ady until the teacher fucked with me.. but
i didnt let him get to me... he wasnt worth it.. he just a
grump old constapated old man.. who need a hug... but
nah.. yesterday night i thought i wasnt going to do
anything so u know i just went n got mah hair braided... n
shorty did it right she hooked mah head uP! when all mah
peeps saw me they screamed n grabed mah head n was like
let me see let me see.. n i was like daaamnmn homie... can
i breathe??! lol but nah they koo... but after seeing them
on the way home i was walking and i passed this bitch i
dont like... shes a big bitch i wonder why all the big fat
ones and they all blk always want to fight me... im like
damn fuck with a big girl not some one u can have for
lunch jeezzee lol but anyway i seen it... i mean her...but
anyway she was grillin me like i couldnt see her... n then
when i looked at her she looked up at the sky real quick
like im stupid she looked real stupid so i
laughed..oh well.. anyway...then i came home n mah boy
TONY!!! he called me!! n he was like hey! n i was playin
mah video games n listening to music n talkin to Tyrone...
and he wa slike what are u doin? i said nothing he said...
lets go out! so i was like YYAYY!! but it was
really funny bc when i was talkin to him i was beatin tha
game ass n cursing n yellin n actin afoo as i always am..
n he was dying.. it was so funny... n then he came n
picked me up n we went driving around for 30 mins b4 we
made up our minds about where we wanted to go.. finally we
went to waffle house n we sat down n talked soo much n had
such a good time.. thats my buddy... but our
OH MAN!... he was soo funny he had 4 teeth and was i mean his grill looked like some one snuffed
him n he ate all his teeth but 4... i wa slik eeeww n he
was standing at our table n Tony didnt finish his food n
he was like yO! u didnt like mah gritts?!? lol n his 4
teeth were showing.. i was like eeeww n i said NAH ITS NOT
said OH n we went back to talkin but the guy
was standing there listening to n i was like
uuhh... he was like OH U WANT ME TO LEAVE? AM I
INTERRUPPTING SUTTIN? lol n i started laughin.. n he did
too n he was like bc i been messing alot up tonight ever
since i (n he put his fingers together n put them by his
mouf lik eu hold a blunt) *smoking* n we started rollin n
he walked away i swear yo this man.. he looked like a
reject rugrats waiter... he had 2 teef on the top n 2 on
the bottom.. i wa slike WOW!... lol but anyway... i came
home.. and i was practing singing this song for some
one... bc i told them i would.. n i am going to ..but i
dunno when.. but then i hear BOOM BOOM BOMM!.. n tha front
door knob being twisted aorund.. n mah dogs started
barking.. n i waslike oh boy who is at mah door this
late.. n they were growling n they never do that so then i
kinda looked out the window a lil crack n i seen some one
running.. and i got reallys cared bc some one was tryin
toget i grabbed aknife n went in a corner a dark
corner on the floor n Tyrone called me.. he was being
such a dork..but i was forreal really scared i almost shit
mah it was bananaz.... anyway.. but yeah...
today? Tony want to chill... but I have to baby sit mah
neighbors kids n then im going to a boxing match... maybe
Tony can come over i dont know.. but hes madd koo... he
used to go to skoo now he kinda stoped n now he just he madd funny anywya... but yeah so i dunno
but today is beautiful... mah momz is kinda down bc she
lost her job so i have to work now.. so get some money for is kinda sad bc imma start fuckin up in skoo i
know i will i always do.. its .. oh man i dunno anyway...
the weather out here is beautiful!!.. n imma start
boxing again soon!! i think.. if i have a ride.. nah
mena.. i hope i do..n i need to get somthing for mah knee
bc its going to get worse if i dont watch what i do.. n
tha disease is pretty bad.. ohw ell... anyway .. time to
go talk to Tyrone.. ill talk to yall later.. much luv
God Bless
Take Care


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