Hokwan dish~
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2004-03-06 15:26:39 (UTC)


Today, needed to learn English... a quite funny lesson!
The teacher is so kind to me! Why? Because she give me a
permission that i no need to answer all her questions
because she don't want me put a gum on me!!! She's so nice!
I just need to waves my head and nod my head! Wow!!! I was
so scared to have her lessons before because i afraid i'll
forgot all the things that she had taught me and i afraid
i'll make her disappointed! But... i also need to face this
question later! Perhaps... it still a quite long time...
because i no need to go to her's next week and next week is
the only time for me to speak at her's! I need to go to
shed my tooth on 19th! My God!!!! And the only time she can
heard my ugly sound is ... 26th and the 3rd!!! My god!!!
Anyway, i should try my best to work harder and then catch
up all the things!!! But... I think all of you ccccan know
the answer! The answer is I will not study for her things
for a long time and seriously because i have got many many
things to do!!! Test, Dictation, and many many!!!

Violin lesson... a quite happy lesson... talk with her
for such a long time!!! Stupid me!!!