Endless Abyss of Questions...
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2004-03-06 14:36:24 (UTC)


i slept over at kacy house last night with sara and kelly. i
went to see EVITA with my mom and lauren, then got a ride
over. Evita was amazing. i'm abcesed with the music, so when
you add rubert and urbina singing the songs, i'm hypmotized!
beth was an aristocrat in the play. first i say her walking
across stage in a black and white dress, looking gorgeous,
with really cool stiching down the back, then she was a
dancer shaking her ass and having fun. she showed up acouple
other time also. kelly was also in it, wore a gorgeous black
dress, and daintly walked around the stage being proper. Amy
also showed up acouple times in the crowds and protrayed her
character perfectly. she made me feel so special when i gave
her two roses afterwards and she said that she felt so
special because of them. i love making people happy. i
gave some other ppl roses also. pool neal. it was his first
rose, and i don't think he knew what to do with it! lol
hopefully he don't think anything strange about me b/c i
gave him one!

at kacy's we tormented some ppl online, she talked wtih her
boyfriend, then we went up stairs to her room laughed for a
long time at everything. she has a queen bed and somehow we
fit all four of us on it. head, feet, head, feet, style. i
think i ended up cuddling with sara's feet. hehe she is
soo tickleish on her feet it is pathetic. kacy had a
doll-baby named eugine or something that scared the shit out
of me ever time you squessed it to make it squeal! and
kelly, she was just being herself, being funny... the next
morning we somehow managed to wake up at 6.00am to go to our
tennis clinic. we had eggos for breakfast!