Endless Abyss of Questions...
2004-03-06 14:11:01 (UTC)


well i guess i should tell whoever you are a little about
me. i'm in my freshman year in highshool, and love it!!
there are so many opertunities, acticities, and ppl to meet.
i was on the JV tennis team in the fall. i am currently the
freshman class president, playing the french horn and guitar
(ocationally playing piano, after my parents made me quite
last spring b/c i wasn't practicing!!) and playing for the
rugby team! we have our first game this sunday, and i'm
really syked! i am a horrible speller, so it is kind of
ironic that i'm writing journal. but i appolige ahead of
time for any missed spelled words or words that i just left
out completely!

i live with my mother, father, brother and dog on a no
outlet road that also is home to my two amazing friends,
lauren and bethy.

i hate math!! with a passion!! actually it would be very
interesting and fun, as it sometimes is, if i could actually
do it! this semester i'm taking finite! i not sure why we
have to take this course. most ppl have never heard of it. i
love social studies. it is generally my best class. hearing
about other cultures and studing geography are so amazing to
me. i love learning about them. traveling is also a big
hobbie of mine. even though i don't really control where or
how much i travel, i have managed to get to many countries
and explore them! it's amazing.

well i'll probally write more later about some of these