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2004-03-06 04:43:53 (UTC)

HAHA....wait this is sad so why am i laughing

Well yesterday freddie asked danielle out. and she
said "sorry i only like u as a friend"! but the thing is he
wasn't sad he said "i kind of expected it so it doesn't
really matter"! THAT IS SO SAD! i mean he gets turned down
so much that it doesn't bother him. Of cours i would have
to turn him down to.
But i made freddie all mad. I told everyone that he had
asked her out...including mrs. lewis...oops! And then mrs.
lewis was all torturing me. She was like "If u asked
stephanie out she would say yes" to freddie (who was across
the room). And i was all like "EWWW NO" as i looked back at
him. The good thing was that he had no idea what we were
talking about. HA! She loves to torment me i swear she
does...she says it is cuz she loves me...but i think she
just likes to embarass people.
Well that is it for today...
peas out!
~m e ~ =^.^= ki tt y