confessions of a never ceasing mind
2004-03-06 03:39:52 (UTC)

turning point

There is a point, burning in the soul, when you are
standing on the edge of what was, and what will be. SHould
you decide to walk forward into the unknown, what lies in
wait? Are there monsters in the darkest corners? Or is
there is a light to guide you through the unknown?

There is not much choice but to walk foward, to allow
things to flow with time, unfolding as one goes through the
walk of life. You feel small, like a child in the world
that is large and unknown. Your first steps are wary,
cautios, but grow with confidence if your way is bright,
drawing back if the monsters find you. You turn, looking
for someone who can understand, who can help you through
the dark nights, someone to be strong when you cannot,
someone to let you walk, when you can.

Your past hurts and pains are a daily, but painful reminder
to keep your heart close, to be cautious, to hold on to it
and never let it go. You find yourself in a maze, and as
Psyche and Euros begin to torment your soul, their battles
heated and passionate, you wonder if thier child will ever
visit you. Euros held in check by logical Psyche, Psyche
bound to Euros, to make a wise and just decision, two
halves, to create one choice.

WHo will rule this epic battle fought with many a person
over the course of time? Is there a compromise or will they
agree? Will psyche allow Euros to take the first bold
step, or will Euros concede to Psyche, to be cautios or
held off indefinitly? The two rarely if agree, there must
be a compromise, a change of ideas, minutely changed for
hte greater good...for the light in the darkness of time?