a little piece of me
2004-03-06 02:14:26 (UTC)

the root of all evil

i am finding out (though i have already highly suspected
it) that money truly is the root of all evil. there's a
hang-up in our getting a mortgage loan loan now. this
fucking sucks. we work our asses off, but we just can't
seem to get ahead. in fact, the harder we try to get
ahead, the further back we fall. i hate money. $500
would solve all our problems right now. that's not even
very much! but we're at the end of our rope, and i don't
know what to do anymore. how about 500 of you out
there send me a dollar. or 100 of you send me 5$. lol,
if only life were that easy. i think i'm going to have to
pawn my trumpet. that really sucks, but i should get a
good couple hundred for it at least. i just don't know
what to do. maybe it's not so pessimistic of me to
always be waiting for the catch. it's realistic. that's how
life is. there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
the glass is half empty.

after reading that book, it's depressing to be an
american. rita traveled all over the world, and people
were more than willing to help her out. here, you bust
your ass for nothing. maybe i should be a nomad. life
would be so much easier, not having to worry about
getting a house. i can't live in this apartment for another
year. i'll go crazy. plus, we're litterally throwing away
thousands of dollars. we just can't get out of here. i
hate this.

well that's enough bitching already. maybe one day
we'll get our break. keep your fingers crossed for me.

one more thing. my boss made a rather rude/off the
wall comment to me tonight. i don't know what the hell
it was supposed to mean. i went in to get my paycheck,
and he told me he usually doesn't give them out until 7
(i didn't know this...i usually just pick it up sat morning
while i'm at work). he told me he'd give it to me this
time, but if i came into work drunk or hung over
tomorrow he'd fire me. first, where the hell did that
come from?? i've never, ever done either. hell, i haven't
even consumed any alcohol for some time now. i just
don't get it. i was wearing a static-x shirt with a skull on
it (i usually wear solid colored shirts, either red or green
...that's all turtle has that isn't black) to work. maybe
now he's going to start giving me shit for wearing the
kind of stuff that makes me feel comfortable. i don't do
it at work. today was my day off. i was just stopping in
to pick up my check. what an ass.

ok, that's really all.