2004-03-06 01:03:22 (UTC)

Again-need advice

Hey, this morning i was in a really bad mood, me and allora
got into a fight over Ian. and she was saying how she hated
him and how he was so stupid and had no reason to hate her
even though he kinda does, becuase of what she did to
Andrew, who by the way is Ians brother, he is a really nice
gy, but sometimes he doesnt know when to keep his mouth
shut. and he is really nice and sweet to her. he anctually
bought her 2 pink roses, becuase she was mad at him for
some stupid thing. and Allora was all over andrew saying
how she liked him so much and he was so kewl and he was
awesome and she liked him more then like anyone in the
world. and then after she got with him, well she still
kinda liked him, but as soon as she found out that he
really liked her she decided that she didnt want him. and
today she tried telling me that she did like him and i
asked her then why dont you go out with him cause he really
wants to go out with her and everything and she made up
some lame excuse, she was all like i cant he is told old,
he is only 20. but whatever. I cut myself again today, i
dont know why, i just got really upset and i needed someway
to calm down so i did it. i think
that Ian is upset at me for something, i just dont know
what exactly. I tried to stop cutting but it didnt work i
couldnt even go one day, i really need a way to stop, if
anyone reading this has any ideas can you please reply and
tell me, i dont know how to stop and my cuts are only
getting deeper, My arm hurts like hell today, last night
when i had my little freak out i took these little sicsors,
i think they were to a manacure set but im not sure,
anyways, i took a peice out of my arm, its just a little
one but its kinda deep and doesnt look very good, anyways
for the rest of the weekend, or until it heals i have to
wear long sleeve shirts, anyways if anyone has any advice
on how to stop S.I i would really appreciate it, thanx.
As Always. later:
Meagan R.
~lonley gurl~

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