Thoughts of His girl
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2004-03-05 22:29:32 (UTC)

Chris Is Here But I Still Miss Master

Chris is here and its nice. I justhope he doesnt get hurt
because he expects more than I cant give. Gina came home
for lunch. We both gave her shit about brining home guys
from the bars, told her to go to thier house or motel but
not to bring strays home. (Laughs)

The guy she meet last weekend at the bar came home with
her last night and spent the night. Funny thing though, I
know him. He works at the local high school as a janitor
and is a womanizing peice of shit. No wonder she likes him.

She got a 48 hour notice for the water again today. Chris
and my parents both are are telling me not to pay it to
have her pay it. According to her she is broke but she is
going out tot he bar tonight with Loui( the guy from last
night). (shrugs)

I wonder if Master got his computer fixed today. I am
staying logged in to both GCN and MSN incase he does. I
did my chores this morning. Although I didnt go to sleep
until about 4 am woke up at 7 am to get the girls to
school , but the aaron got on the computer and played for
3 hours at cartoon network .com and he covered me up and
let me sleep. ( hes a sweety )

My little brother told mehe would watch the kids one night
this weeknd but todayt old he he is going on a bike run
with his club.(shrugs) I told Chris and Gina to go out
with out me.

I miss Master so very much. I hate this. I hate not being
able to kneel at his feet, or talk to him at length or ,
feel this hands , or okay I just miss everything about
him. (pouts) I hope his computer gets fixed soon.

Chris is crashed out hes been driving for 13 hours and
before that he was at work and he drives trucks for a

hmmm ... My friend Mathew hasnt been around lately. I
wonder if he is back in the states yet.

I gotta go check on aaron who is outside playing.

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