X is my secret.
2004-03-05 21:23:29 (UTC)

Uh, whoops

Ok, so I got in a bit of trouble. Not necessarily, but I
mean, I feel horrible.
So, Matt read my diary here, I said he could, in ignorance
of the shit I've written in here.
The thing is I have this whole thing I want to tell him.
THe facts.
THe facts are these.
I love Matt with all my heart and soul, and the thing is
that before all my relationships were started in the
relisation that I would instantly drop the guy if Sam ever
came back.
But not Matt. With Matt, I would kick Sam in the flippin
balls if he ever tried to seduce me away from Matt. Matt is
so totally different from Sam in every way that matters.
He's here for me and loves me. Sam wasn't there for me.
See how I figure it, is I fell in love with Sam because I
KNEW I was gonna lose him at the end of the summer.
I fell in love with Matt. . . .because I KNOW I won't lose
him. And that makes all the difference. It makes the love
totally different, and my feelings so much stronger.

So yeah, I gotta go though, I have to get ready for Buca's
and go buy Alex a present. Bye


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