My Life
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2004-03-05 20:27:54 (UTC)

Amanda, my love

So i have a girl friend right OF COURSE! her name is amanda
and i lover her more than anything. she isthe ultimate
chode but thats why i love her she tends to think dirty,
all the time we were watcjing a movie at her
house today and there was like 5 minutes left and she
stoped it! AHHHHHH! It was kinda funny becuase i just
wouldnt let it go and i probably never will. she tries to
think of A nickname for me but she cant. I call her "Puss"
becuase of a movie we were watching where this woman called
her duaghter puss and i was like "dude thats awsome! form
now on you are Puss!" at first she was like no way but now
she even calls her self that its the best and she is the
best. Amanda I love you!

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