DayDream Believer
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2004-03-05 18:49:49 (UTC)

Looking forward to tomorrow

I havent seen Tommy since monday morning when we kissed
goodbye before he left to work, by the time he got home
was I on the boat.
He dossnt know that Im comming, he had a lot to do
tomorrow, so Im gonna get up early and walk in to his
appartment while he is sleeping and suprise him. I think
he`s gonna like it.
I have been verry upset the last days, its not been the
best time of my life. Most of the time I`ve been crying
when we was talking on the phone. I think Im going crazy.
Tommy is going to a friends father tomorrow and Im gonna
read psychology and watch sex and the city on dvd. Im
actually looking forward to it.

Next Saturday is my 20th birthday. Im having a party at
Tommys place. When Im glad Iam looking forward to get
tougether with friends and have fun, when Im depressed I
just want to run away on the day and skip the party.

Tomorrow is my grandmothers 84. birthday. I remember when
I was a child I thought it was so special to have my
birthday one week afther hers. She said I was a late
birtday gift, hehe. They are taking her to my aunt for a
party. She dossnt want to go, she is old and weak and all
she wants to do is to be home and sleep. But my aunts
always thinks they know what is best for her, so they take
her agest her will.
She will probaly enjoy it when she`s there, but only the
though of going make her tired. I guess old people get
tired of nothing. Im invited, but Im not going if Im going
to Tommy.
I love my grandmother, and she is woth a party, but I
really miss Tommy. So I wissiting her a nother day, she
will probably be more happy about getting vissit from me
on a "normal" day. Stil I feel a little bit guilty abount
not going..

Have a nice weekend everyone!