Hokwan dish~
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2004-03-05 14:59:28 (UTC)

A day~

Wah, today my teeth is so painful! My God!!! These time
need to have meal very very slowly!

Today... nothing happen!!!
A quite boring day!!!

I wanna to said that... plz don't said that i hate people
tell my things to the others. i was so afraid!!! Do you
know you are hurting me? When i went to school everyday,
you seems to be very down and said, and you told the to
somebody, I'm very down, just like a strom hitting my heart

Amy~ i really miz you!!! When we are studying in From.2,
i always stay happily with you, halie, step and Amanada...
but now, you've went away, no one share my sadness when i
feel sad anymore!!! I really miz the time when we are
studing is From.2!!!