Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-03-05 12:54:26 (UTC)

Today's not starting out so good...

Well, yesterday afternoon the baby starting having problems
resting and just being his usual happy self. I ended up
wearing him in a front carrier while I tried to make
dinner. This continued on into the night and through this
morning and now I have a tremendous headache. I've been
getting them lately off and on, and I don't know why. I
didn't have one yesterday, but I had it the night before.
My husband asks if I have taken any 'aspirin' for it (in
other words, Tylenol, Advil, etc) and I tell him no because
I'm not sure what I can take with breastfeeding.
This is going to be a really long day if I can't get shed
of this headache! The baby has not slept well overnight,
is fussy this morning, I have repair men coming to do work
on our house this morning, and my oldest son gets out of
school half day today.
I am so spacey today already...I want to mention that I
actually got a full check for this month's arrearages in
child support yesterday ($75). My ex and I went to a pre-
trial conference a week ago and he made arrangements to pay
seventy-five dollars extra a month to pay off his back
support. The county offered for him to only pay thirty-
five a month. What I don't think he realizes is that this
is just child support, not medical support and I gave him a
packet the other day of bills totalling over seven hundred
dollars that he owes half of. Since then, Tyler has had
another counseling appointment, which costs one hundred
dollars, and I have found other receipts for bills that he
owes on. I know I need to hit him up about these things
again, but his fiancee's grandmother just died and she's
taking it really hard and he has his hands full with that
right now. So I'll probably give him another packet of
info on Sunday (rather than Saturday) and then start
bugging him about it the next visitation, which is in less
than two weeks. That is if he follows through with taking
Tyler a little bit extra over Spring Break. It would be
nice for Tyler, but I don't bank on it until I actually see
it happen.
Well, I gotta roll, the baby is actually sleeping and I
desparately need a shower! Later!

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