Thoughts of His girl
2004-03-05 05:08:35 (UTC)

Want to Soak In A Hot Bath With Me?

I ran a hot bubble back with bath lavendar after I put the
kids to bed. I sat and soacked in it for awhile. It has
been along time since I have done that. Just lite
candles , take myu hot tea into the bath , and soak. I
kept thinking about what Master was doing. Wondering if I
crossed his mind.

Then I noticed the time and relized soon Chris is going to
be leaving Washington. Part of me wishes he wasnt coming.
i mean I care about him but I think ... I think hes hoping
for happily ever after.. and I stopped beleive in that
along time ago. He says he doesnt have expectations.
Granted maybe its partly my fault. We have played the what
if game. But I have also been totally honest with him
about Master and what I feel and need. I dont know , I
guess we will see what happens.

I wonder if Master ever dreams about me. Fantasizes about
me. Feels my touch at night when hes sleeping.I woke up
this morning heard His voice saying , Mine get up its time
to get the kids up. it was the most wonderful sound I have
ever dreamed. I know I am silly and rambling.

I think I am going to bed early tonight. That bath totally
relazed me. My roommate still isnt home. No big suprise
there though. ( shrugs)

(presses my lips to His where ever he is , my tongue
slipping into his mouth, tracing over his, my fingers
caressing the back of His neck, moving my mouth to hiis
right ear, whispering.. Your girl loves you Master)

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