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2004-03-05 03:57:48 (UTC)

*Insert Witty Title Here*

Yeah, I noticed my titles were a little boring. Yikes.
Ok, here it is guys, the countdown, 'til Matt comes, it is
9:48 PM. . . . .Round that to 10, for the hell of it. . . .
that's 20.5 hours, or so 'til he gets here. . . take away
the 9 that I'll be asleep, and the approximately one
tonight I'll talk to him. . . . that's 10 hours. Minus
another one for me to get good and ready, that's 9 hours.
Minus 1 for the two Meals I'll eat tomorrow. . . thats 8
hours. . . .maybe an hour or two on the computer, that's 6
hours. Minus 2 hours on the phone with him tomorrow? that's
4 hours. 4!!! 4 hours 'til he gets here, oh man. . . . I'm
so psyched!!!!! WHOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Anyway, that's a pretty fucked up way to think of it, I
know, but it makes me feel better so whatever. . queer.
So I sneezed, really hard, and it hurt, really bad, and
now. .. .my throat feels better. . . it's weird.
Can you wear blue jewelery with a black outfit? Huh. A once
easily answered question, but it is no longer, for my once
solid beliefs of no black with blue have been shaken.
I'll ask someone. .. a girl. . . or one of my stylin' guy
friends. . .which is just Travis. . . hmmm.
I'm really in the mood to bitch about my dad, but all this
Matt anticipation is really destracting me from it.

Eh, I'll do it later


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