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2004-03-05 02:30:32 (UTC)

we like to be funny

To u, pat:

we like to be funny. it's something we have in common. we
like the attention. i hope we can admit to it.

i can't admit this to you. oh my gosh i can still feel
your hands. it's so silly and so with a reason what we do,
but it's hidden, except i know the answer.

it's funny that the games we play sting. it's funny
how the pain rises up to the surface and with your hands
enveloping mine it all goes away and feels so good. have
you noticed how right it was and how i didn't really fight
to get out of your reach? have u noticed how i go through
pain just for those moments when you wrap my hands in your
own. in your own hands mine fit so well. i can still feel
your touch. how is that possible? did you ever really
leave me? silly to ask. you are so deep a part of me
you're always right here. but your hands. i still feel
them. i still want them in mine.

i wish we were more mature sometimes. i love the way we
are. we get along like no one else i have come across. but
our relationship is so weird. if the vision ever changes,
it always comes back to you.

why you?

because we get along so well. we can smack each other and
laugh as we do it. we can talk about anything. haha we
have such secret names that would seem so wrong but they
are hilarious.. we can read each others' minds sometimes.
there is no one i have more inside jokes with.

but where is it going to end? and if it's supposed to, why
am i holding on to this like a lifesaver ring.. your hands
around my own while you look me in the eye. then your
eyebrow lifts and you laugh and it's another round to
pretend like nothing just happened.

your hand fits so well in mine and we are so well together
and you're in my heart. but i think maybe we are too
immature for our own good sometimes. sometimes i just want
to be like LETS HAVE A DEEP TALK. but it's usually u
listening and me talking. and i know it's weird. but i'm
weird. and i need you to be serious sometimes. and i need
to be the only one you see you know. because we'll get
awkward and you'll change the topic by talking to someone
new. oh man your hand fit so well in mine tonight.

we send each other lyrics. we talk to each other through
them. i know you tell me things in them, but sometimes
it's hard to pick them apart and i dont want to translate
you wrong. that is the last thing i want.

oh but i do love your hand. YOURS. because it's yours.

but what can i do