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2004-03-04 22:37:23 (UTC)

MOLDen Coral

Most people's mardi break consisted of a week long party
in New Orleans, consuming king cake, with all the naked
people you can stand, and so much new jewelry that if you
wore it all at once, you wouldn't be that far off from a
Christmas tree. My break? You can sum it up in about 5
words: bus, rain, disappointents, Tulsa, and egg-

A great aunt of mine came to see me play ball in Tulsa.
The amount of times I'd seen her in my life could be
counted on Spock's left hand. The way I know her best is
that when I was about 12 years old she payed all the
grandchildren (that's me, Travis, and Ford at the time) 5
bucks to give her hug. Ford, an 8 year old to the core,
refused. He wasn't about to let 'the fam' see that he had
hugged a coodie-infested girl. All me and the bro were
thinkin' was "Man, how many hugs does she want!?" Anywho,
if somebody hadn't of asked me her name, I coulda told you
what it was, but the fact that somebody DID ask me, the
name left me. Craig thought that was so funny. It was on
the tip of my toungue and it was killing me. All I was
thinking was how after the game she'll come talk to me and
all I'll be able to say is "hey...aunt." So I prayed.
And prayed. And prayed hard. Luckily, a homerun
triggered my memory. I cross the plate, a team chant
of "C--C--C" ringing in my ear, and I hear a "great job,
Micah!!" from Aunt Whatsherface. And suddenly it comes to
me. Joyce! Whew. I was fully intent on calling my dad
during the game to find out what Mrs. Hug Briber's name
was. Let's Just say that God saved the day......again.

The one good thing about this trip was that we were Golden
Coral free. It's weird how I love food a lot but I hate
eating too much. I think there's only one person I know
of that wouldn't mind eating at Golden Coral everyday of
their life. I can't tell you who it is, but I'll bet you
the white spit on his lips that he's there right now.

Here's the best thing ever besides beef stew:
"Center fielder killed by two unidentified blondes"
~someone that likes chocolate

ps- mystery trash bag dropper #2: Miss Emily

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