Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-03-04 21:12:32 (UTC)

pirates and eskimos

Over the last few days I have been watching pirates of the
carabian .... a little bit of a fetish ... or rather a
fetish for johny depp ... or otherwise jack sparow more
so ....

sad yes yes I know yep umhum I got that too!

any who I saw 'pip' for the first time in AGES! It's been
a whole week... poor babey's been ill... I must admit I
almost slipped .... into the arms of someone else .... a
handsom stranger (well not so stanger like) I supose you
could call him "strange" or crazy would be more acurate!
yes it was 'Ted'!!

I've realised that I love 'pip' though and he loves me!
despite my teasings.... not the sexual ones ... he likes
that! But I supose telling him his mate is a good shag (I
never shaged his mate) He knows I'm messing with him ...
but i can see why he gets fucked off! I guess I'm just
used to joking with him about stuff like that I still
sometimes forget he's more than just a mate!

again with the joking... the saying johny depp is gorgeous
('pips' ...well he has personality) let's just say it
pisses him off!
My god every guy I date seems to never heard of window
shopping! It's ok to look! A girl can dream .... or is
that wrong ... well maybe moraly but as long as you take
it with a pinch of salt it does no harm, right? or is that


music: that gay eskimo song is in my head
mood: happy
coments:~~I'm the only gay eskimo and I'm the only one I
know! I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe!!!!!~~