2004-03-04 18:24:15 (UTC)

OK so far so good

I've gone through every bag, and every box - cleaned all
the clothes, and blankets, and pillow cases, oven mits,
and what have you - found old poems I forgot, pictures,
tapes, CD's I thought were gone (there are still about 5
missing but that is a lot better than the 15 or so I
thought were mising before), magazines, books, kitchen
stuffs (that still need to be re-cleaned), cords, wires,
candles n stuff..............

etc. etc. etc.

Kate called to tell me to stop for the night and it gave
my head a well deserved break. Now I'm back at my aunt's
place encoding the CD's, typing up my "lost poem's" and
that DVD rip to mpeg went good, making it an AVI file now -
and I got a call from HP in Port Hawkesbury, and talked
to Troy, so everything there looks as though it may be a
go. As soon as that starts I just got to find a way to
get to and from for the training part and start making
$350 a week. Shedding a lot of spiritual weight. Just
got to finish these tasks, get organized, and start
kicking some ass in life again. Slowly feeling my will to
do so return, as if it had been stripped away from me

Halifax Monday and Tuesday, then back to the grind - the
lovely grind......

choi meng, that's all for now.