confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-03-04 17:40:23 (UTC)

no fairy tale

draped in shadows, ever hiding.....You think you know me?
Words said in passion, words said in pain......and you
think you can hear me?

Love has it's arrows, leaving you to bleed leaving you to
die, the arrows strke the heart, it's warm poison spreading
through the veins and arteries.....driving you mad with the
hot flames of desire, finally draining you of any emotion.
Then it leaves you, bleeding, dying, screaming, crying.
You pull out the fatal arrow, to lie on the ground, light
fading to darkness everlasting.

Can you hear me, crying in the dark, stretching out my
hand. Can you see the woman with the saddened tears,
hiding in the dark, scars upon her heart. Do you feel me,
screaming in the night, the tears as a waterfall.

Does anyone hear me? Catch me, save me from myself and the
cold night that beckons. Reach out your hand....catch me
lest I fall. Do not let the darkness consume my soul,
taking me screaming to my death.

the darkness consumes, you pray to a god that no longer
hears longer heeds your desperate
me. Your body's tears flow red, the life drains in a
crimson flood.

bound to a world of pain, and of regret....a world that
tells the hypocrisy of love, and of happiness, beneath the
gilt, is the harsh truth of reality, that one only has
oneself to survive. The world is cold, the world is
cruel....can you show me the light and warmth? Can you
take me to a place to flood my soul with it, drowning me in
light, making me feel again, making me breathe, making my
heart beat?

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