Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-03-04 15:05:16 (UTC)

No One will want to read this


*First Best Friend: Moose
*First real kiss: Jennifer Yetsko at 13
*First Job: Chick-fil-a at 16
*First screen name: blevermind
*First self purchased album: I think I bought 2: soul
asylum and spin doctors
*First pets: jasmine, and penny
*First piercing/tattoo: pierced ears at 15 and tattoo at 23
*First enemy: Matt in middle school
*First big trip: big? well I guess Florida to Disney world
*First play/musical/performance: Al Holley played at my
dads church
*First musician you remember hearing in your house: The

*Last cigarette: never smoked
*Last big car ride: ha well I guess that would be something
like the ride home from California
*Last good cry: at the movie Radio
*Last library book checked out: The Little White Bird -
J.M. Barrie *Last movie seen: Someone like you
*Last beverage drank: Tea
*Last food consumed: Spaghetti O’s and meatballs w/ Ritz
*Last phone call made: to Matt2 last night
*Last TV show watched: videos on MTV this morning
*Last time showered: 2 days ago
*Last item bought: lunch 2 days ago
*Last ice cream eaten: coffee
*Last shirt worn: Pedro the lion T-shirt

Longest survey ever...

A - Age: 25
B - Band: Pacifico
C - Choice Of Meat: Steak
D - Dream Date: Mandy Moore
E - Excites You: writing a good song
F - Favorite Food: steak and potatoes
G - Greatest Gift: love
H - Happiest Day Of Your Life: when we got played on MTV
I - Internal Conflicts: sin?
J - Jealous: “I’m a jealous guy” – John Lennon
K - Kool Aid: Grape
L - Love: God, Shaunna, family, band, and friends
M - Most Valuable Thing You Own: my acoustic guitar that
was made for me
N - Name: Matthew Allen Schwartz
O - Outfit: jeans and a t-shirt
P - Pizza Topping: Pineapple and ham
Q - Question I Want To Ask: if the US is in debt than why
don’t they make more money?
R - Roots: I am German, English and Indian
S - Sport To Watch: Baseball
T - TV Show: seinfield
V - View From The Window: not picky
W - Weather: Spring
Y - Yesterday's Best Meal: spaghetti-o’s
Z - Zodiac sign: leo

Last Kiss: earlier
Last Movie Seen In a Theatre: Peter Pan
Last Book Read: Lullaby
Last Cuss Word Uttered: me cuss?
Last CD Played: Aaron Sprinkle - Lackluster
Last Soda Drank: I am staying away from sodas
Last Thing Written: this, work, and a letter to my GF
Last Words Spoken: “what was the last movie we saw in a
Last Sleep: last night
Last IM: panman
Last Sexual Fantasy: 2 girls and me
Last Ice Cream Eaten: coffee
Last Time Wanting to Die: a long time ago
Last Lipstick: it’s been a while
Last Time Dancing: everyday
Last Show Attended: my show last saturday
Last Crush: Shaunna Faye
Last Annoyance: my computer not working
Last Disappointment: same?
Last Time Scolded: I don’t get disrespected
Last Web Site Visited:

1. How many piercings do you have? 0
2. What gauge are your various piercings? X
3. What's your favorite piercing of yours? X
4. Do you want anything else pierced? X
5. What would you NOT get pierced? I could get everything
6. Who's your favorite pierced celebrity? Cristina Agulera
7. Have you ever pierced something yourself? no way
8. What do you think of stretched earlobes? not a fan
9. What do you think is the most over-done piercing?
stretched ears

1. How many tattoos do you have? 1
2. What would you like to get a tattoo of? f-holes
3. What is the most time you'd spend in one tattoo session?
I dunno?
4. Would you trust your best friend to give you a tattoo?
no way
5. What do you think of sleeves [full arm tattoos]? rock on
6. Who is your favorite tattooed celebrity? Nikki Sixx
7. Would you get a tattoo on your chest or booty areas?
maybe chest?
8. What's the biggest diameter, in inches, you would get as
a tattoo? I dunno?
9. What do you think is the most over-done tattoo design?
Chinese writing
1. Would you ever get branded? nope
2.Would ever go in for scarification [professionally]? no
3. Would you ever get implants [little things under your
skin, for example, NOT breast implants: nah
4. Would you ever get a surface piercing? and that is?
5. If your parent/guardian got a genital piercing, what
would you do? they wou;dn’t and I would know if they did
6. Do you really think clit/penis piercings make sex
better? probably
7. Suspension or stage piercings? what?

:x: piercings = 0
:x: tattoos = 1
:x: height = 5'8"
:x: shoe size = 11 ½ or 12
:x: hair color = brown

:x: movie you bought = I got three for christmas; Down With
Love, Serendipity, and About a Boy
:x: song you listened to = All Apologies - Nirvana
:x: song that was stuck in your head = Lights out
:x: cd you bought = I bought 2 Johnny Greenwood – Body Song
and Starflyer 59 – I am the Portuguese Blues
:x: person that's called you = Jerimiah 2
:x: person you were thinking of = Shaunna Faye
:x: friend you made = Jeremiah 2
:x: you wish you could live somewhere else = England
:x: you believe in online dating = been there done that
:x: others find you attractive = duh…you know who I am?
:x: you want more piercings = possibly
:x: you drink = Monday night
:x: you do drugs = nope.
:x: you smoke = nope
:x: you like cleaning = yes
:x: you like roller coasters = yes
:x: you write in cursive or print = print except my

:x: long distance relationships = against
:x: using someone = against
:x: suicide =against
:x: killing people = against
:x: teenage smoking = against
:x: doing drugs = against
:x: driving drunk = against
:x: gay/lesbian relationships = whatever
:x: soap operas = FOR
:x: song = that is too tough…
:x: thing to do = writing, recording, and playing music
:x: thing to talk about = music, and movies
:x: sports = Baseball
:x: drinks = Sweet Tea
:x: movies = Moulin Rouge, any Beatles movie, Holy Grail…
:x: singer = Rufus Wainwright
:x: holiday = Aug 20 my B-day

:x: ever cried over a girl = yes
:x: ever cried over a boy = nope
:x: ever lied to someone = yes
:x: ever been in a fist fight = yes
:x: ever been arrested = nope

:x: shampoo do you use = whatever is cheap
:x: shoes do you wear = whatever
:x: are you scared of = heights, spiders, snakes, failure

:x: of times I have been in love? 3?
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? too many
:x: of hearts I have broken? a couple?
:x: of girls I have kissed? more than 30 possibly close to
:x: of boys I have kissed? under 10
:x: of drugs taken illegally? 0
:x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my
life type friends? under 5
:x: of people I consider my enemies? i don't have enemies
:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? never?
:x: of scars on my body? a couple from accidents
:x: of things in my past that I regret? nothing

:x: disney movie = Beauty and the Beast
:x: word = poop
:x: nickname = Matt1
:x: eye color = blue
:x: flower = nah
:x: piercing = in a girls ears, or lip
:x: actor = Ewan McGregor
:x: actress = Natalie Portman

:x: pretty = yes
:x: funny = sure
:x: hot = duh
:x: friendly =yes
:x: amusing = sometimes
:x: ugly = what?
:x: loveable = yes
:x: caring = yes
:x: sweet = yes