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2004-03-04 14:44:48 (UTC)


So, yeah, I went to bed at 10 last night. 10!!! That's a
rediculous time to go to bed on a night when you don't have
to go to school the next day, and you're feeling better.
Well I wasn't feeling incredibly better, the drugs were
what was making me think that. I got lots of phone calls
though, with people making sure I was ok. It was pretty
nice. Only here in Minnesota would that ever happen. I
remember back in the day no one would have called me. I was
a dork and had little friends. I thank God a lot for making
me move here, and I really regret telling him I hated him
for it when I first got here. (Sorry big guy).
So last night I watched that new mini-series by Steven
King, "Kingdom Hospital". It was really good, I loved it. I
mean, how can you go wrong with giant a giant ant eater,
Matt is coming into town tomorrow, and Alex said he can
come to Buca's with us. She said that he'll be the only guy
of 15 girls, but of course he was like "I like those odds"
he said he was kidding, better have been. . . . .
I miss him so much, I really hate sitting here at home
bored and unable to talk to him, he's a busy guy though. I
can't wait for that Fhugwagashdt CD to come in. It's part
of his birthday present. I'm gonna take him shopping
sometime this weekend to get him some more stuff, cause I'm
not sure exactly what he'd like. Oh, and after Buca's we're
going to Tracy's birthday party which is at a Casino, I
guess I should probably figure out which one, huh? Heh,
I'll do that later. I was such a loser last night, I was
all you wanna do this? you wanna do that? I like was
completely selfish to the fact that he may want to . . oh i
dunno. . .spend time with his family and some of his other
friends, sheesh. I feel kinda bad, I'll tell him about it,
and tell him to go do something with the guys or the fam
for a while during the weekend.
Well anyway, I should probably try and go find something to
eat, it's hard when everything irritates my throat though.
I'll do my best, I don't want to starve, although it could
help me drop these few extra pounds. . . . .