a little piece of me
2004-03-04 14:41:44 (UTC)

fucked up me arm

had to cool it from the working out for a few days. i think
i pulled a muscle in my arm. either that or dislocated
my shoulder. i had turtle pull on it so i could pop it back
in...didn't work, but it hurt like hell. feels better today, so
i'll get back into it. i'll just try not to push my arms so
much. i couldn't wear sleeveless shirts anyway. i still
have a million scars. susie saw them once and
freaked out. she thought turtle did it to me. then she
just couldn't accept that i did it to myself. this from a
person who is drinking themself to death.

turtle has to work tonight. i'm going to go visit my
granny after he leaves for work. she's working today
from 10 am to 11 pm. i think i'll go keep her company
for a little while. i don't have anything else to do. i'll take
some cards with me. that'll give us something to do.

i got a letter from jessie yesterday. the whole thing was
about watching animals get butchered for christmas.
just what i wanted to hear! she's gross sometimes.
her backyard happened to be the slaughtering grounds
for 5 pigs and 7 cows for her village. so glad i wasn't
there. i'm supposed to talk to her this weekend. that
will be fun. it'll only be the second time since she's
been gone. at least she writes...sometimes. lol, that's
ok. if i were running around africa, i wouldn't be too
concerned with writing me a letter.

well, enough is enough. turtle's bored to death, so i'm
going to go entertain him. hehehe...