What I really THINK
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2004-03-04 14:29:57 (UTC)


Today I woke up on time for once, took my time getting
ready for school. I have this shirt that is my friends
that I'm wearing today but I don't think that my jackit
matches my outfit...oh well...i don't care. It's just
school- not like i know anyone here besides meg. I had
work yesterday and then school right after work. I
fucking hate working at my work. The managers there have
no fucking idea what they are doing. They are all like,
on different know what I mean? I have sinority
there since I've been working there for so long, and Kimmy
is seriously going to tell me that I need to get a new
shirt becuase mine is too tight and it comes untucked in
the back? Get the fuck out of here. I thought fine, I
don't care- I'll get another shirt but its still gonna be
tight- I'll just make sure it don't come undone in the
back. I have Christina too. Who the fuck do u think you
are. I want to say that to her so bad- instead I just act
like a fucking bitch and I act better than her because I
am. She won't be around for long. Everyone comes and
goes at my work its ridiculas.
I'm trying not to make myself throw up anymore, but that
is real hard to do. I figured if I bought diet pills that
would work, but it definitly isn't. I slowed down, but I
didn't stop. I need to get my ass in shape for the summer
if I plan on wearing a two piece. I just need to stop
being lazy. Its hard to get into the rutien of working
out when I haven't all winter long. I'll beging soon-
maybe I will today. well i got to go, I'm at school and I
need to start doing my work instead of bull shitting
around. If anyone reads this and can relate to what I
think let me know

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