Ramblings of a Mom
2004-03-04 13:46:02 (UTC)

Has it been that long?

Oh my Gosh!!! I did not realize that I have not written in
here since before the baby was born! Well, I had a baby
boy, by cesarean, because he was breech. It was a hell of
an experience, and a looooong recovery! With my first son,
I had him on a Wednesday, discharged on a Friday, and was
teaching Sunday School on that Sunday. This one, I had him
on a Monday, discharged on a Thursday, and hardly even
walking for almost 2 weeks, and then still hobbling for 2
more weeks after that.
It has now been almost 8 weeks since he was born! I would
call this little boy a fighter! There I was with all of
those complications early on in my pregnancy, the
threatened miscarriage, the spotting all the way through 15
weeks, then he's breech, he gets his stomach pumped because
he's spitting up too much, and he loses too much weight in
the hospital and almost gets put on IVs! He's put on a
high calorie formula and shows improvement, so we're sent
home (by my choice, I was ready to be home with my husband
and older son). I take him to the doctor on Monday after
discharge and he is still only 7 lbs., 9 ounces under his
birth weight. The doctor tells me that he wants him fed
every 2 hours and back up to at least his birth weight
within the week. We go back 8 days later, and he's gained
13 ounces!!! Yeah!!!
Well, then we have to go back again 2 weeks later when he's
got a cold, and it turns out that along with his reflux,
he's spitting up 'biliatic fluid'. In other words, he's
vomiting bile. That leads us to an upper GI. All is well,
he's just got a cold that is aggravating his reflux.
Speaking of the baby, he's getting fussy now and probably
won't sleep for much longer, so I better run. I will try
to be better about this.