Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2004-03-04 09:48:48 (UTC)

Mind Game VIII...

so, the first of the mind games
this year began today.

I am sure to have more...

So, my new boss, at my old work
can't stand me. I believe it to
be the standard case of me simply
not being able to look authority
in the eye and not spit in it,
when I know that they are simply
undeserving of any kind of respect.

of course, the same could be said
of a great deal many things.

Anyways, I got offered a better
job today, more hours, better hours
than the ones I am doing now. And
I don't have to do any paper work,
nor do anything other than sit in
front of a computer all day again.

I'd say that was funny... but it is.
actually... pretty damned funny.

My old boss, who was demoted last week
and the new one instated.. fucking hell
doesn't that just sound pretentious.

Anyways, Glen comes over, gets my key,
and I tell them what they have told me.
they are suspending me because of a
mistake they made. I appearantly make
for a good scape goat. I mean, come on.
I would use me if I were them too.

They've suspended me for a week, which is
fucking retarded, they could fire me without
notice until saturday. But after that, they
have to give me two weeks pay, and a bunch
of other shit too. And I have to go back on
monday or tuesday and have a talk with them
about when I can come back and work.

It's the old, "give 110% speech" I am to
give them, and promise to be a good boy.
fuck that. First shift back will be friday.
They have no idea what kind of asshole i
can really be.

I mean, ever since the District Manager met
me, she's wanted to fire my ass because I was
and I quote this.. "He's too casual with upper
management. He doesn't respect the chain of


I mean, what. I work for a pizza place, not
the fucking pentagon, or a fortune 500 company.

So, it will be my pleasure to give to them
what they have so often given to others.

A swift boot in the ass.

The busiest day is often Friday, between 5pm
and 8pm. Where the most amount of customers,
and the most amount of intensive labour needs
to be done.. so.. simply.. I'm going to walk
out on them.. in the middle of it..

"Oops. I quit. What? You've been here since
when? and you can't get ahold of Glen? You're
going to be for for 14 hours??"

Gee, thats too fucking bad.

Glen nearly died when I told him what I
had planned on doing.

He laughed at the whole situation, and
told me to give him some time to turn
off his cel phone when I show up to work
next friday.

I think it will funny.

He thought it would be funny.

If only...


fuck it...

Let them suffer.

My Rage Is Elemental...

The mind plays tricks, the body heal wounds.

The game being what it is.

I have to wonder about the future.

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