Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2004-03-04 06:24:11 (UTC)

Indeterminable shrubbery among long standing trees...

Got up, thinking that I heard someone knocking on the door,
and I thought that it was someone knocking on the door
because yesterday our next door neighbor came over and told
us that her plumbing was backing up, and that the plumbers
found a section of pipe that was crushed which happened to
be underneath OUR driveway and that they had to tear up the
concrete to get to it, so which they did yesterday, but
they also said that someone was going to come by later and
patch it up with cement, which I thought was who was at the
door, but it turned out that it wasn't anybody. Only
ghosts, knocking in the doorways of my mind, lol.....

Other than waking up, I pretty much just screwed around all
day, since I didn't have any work or school today, trying
to do some of my homework, went to the local campus to
print out some of my homework's solutions that I had wanted
to do today, etc........

Got an email sent to me from the NSA. I had applied for a
mathematics position over there, and they wanted to have my
transcripts sent to them to complete the