jello girl

A idiots's guide to leading a stupid
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2004-03-04 03:25:54 (UTC)

the point of insanity!

O well...i am going...wait...i have gone insane! I am just
so boring and it bugs the heck out of me...Well there are
sarah's and nikki's boy troubles...with yellow boy...bu
that is not exciting in any way...i got final fantasy x-2
it is really cool...and that is like it....i like to talk
to peole at school about ff and i was surprised how many
people have played that is it for now...
~me~ =^.^=
p.s. i found someone else who can do the nose thing
that i can do...if u don't know just ask me and i will show
u...but it isn't anyone i care is just freddie