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2004-03-04 02:42:33 (UTC)


hey yo wussup...nmh jus online...2day went 2 skool...boring
& tiring!i saw lessa & guess wut...shes bak!!no more sick
lessa!!yayaa!!lol u no i luv ya lessa hahaha!ne wayz,i
talked 2 jay 2day,hes movin on the other side of town...how
frustrating!!grrr...julians comin in april yay!!!!!
lol...hes so sexy!!what else did i do 2day,in fashion 2 day
i hung out w/ heather,& we made a pillow...the smallest
pillow in the world literally!! lol!!in math,slept how kool
& fun lol...went 2 lunch,hung out w/ nikki & my peepz...&
all i ate 2 day @ lunch was a snickers,2 fruit rollups &
pizza wow!junk! i love it...then went 2 child development &
guess wut!!hahah this girl was talkin shit bout the teacher
& she put on a peice of paper in big letters FUCK YOU BITCH
& the teacher saw it & she sent her 2 the deans....haha i
was laughin so hard i was crying!!!dumb people 4 realz!!ne
ways..im tryin 2 get a job but who knows what gunna happen??
money $ $ iz good!!lol short short shortness!!!