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2004-03-04 02:18:36 (UTC)


Since I've started this diary I have realized that my life
is terribly unexciting. Every time I think about writing
in it I then realize that I have nothing to write about.
But, I like having this time all to myself, by myslef. I
can't wait for this week to be over because this weekend I
get to go shopping for a bed, a bedskirt, a Prom dress and
stuff I want for my birthday. So, thats definitly
something to look forward too. Another kickass thing is
that next week is Spring Break!! Yeah! And then... it's
the queens 17th birthday! Me!!! My 17th birthday. Wow,
I've actually been driving for a whole with no stupid
mistakes, like a wreak or a ticket! Yeah, go me! I still
haven't lost my weight form Cheesecake Factory, but thats
ok. I can't loss it at any time, I just need to go back on
the hard diet for a week and I'll of lost like 5 pounds.
So... I need to do that like 2 weeks befor prom, but..
will my dress still fit? Huh. My grandpa has been in
hospital off and on for a couple of weeks, not doing too
good, and he got to come home today, but as soon as they
got him home the hospital called and said that he needs to
come back in for an emergency surgery becasue of a hole in
his bowls. So, my dad and the other 5 kids rushed off to
the hospital to be with my grandma. My mom said that
everything was ok but my dad looked pretty worried. I'm
sure it's nothing serious. Well, I'll write back in a
couple of days... maybe something cool will happen!! Doubt

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