Beautiful Face To Find The Pain
2004-03-04 00:18:48 (UTC)


michael came over today and told me that he loved me and he
cant stop thinking about me and he just wishes we could get
along and he has to surrond himself with people so he
doesnt think about me and that im always on his mind and
that he dreams of me and he misses me i want to be with him
so bad right now but its not going to happen were over and
we both dont want it to be but it is and we cant do
anything about it i love him so much and i know he loves me
to and i know he misses me and i cant stand watching him
cry it hurts me so bad i cant do anything about it if he
wanted me back he knows he could have me and know i dont
know what to do i know exactly how he feels about how he
misses me and he dreams about me and how he loves me i dont
know what to do i dont want this to be over but it is and
it really sucks ass i love him so much and i dont know what
to do about it anymore i thought i was going to be okay
becasue i always thought he was fine with all of this and
he didnt cry over me anymore but he does and he did he was
crying right here in front of me and it hurts me to see him
like this he said he was happy because he isnt fighting
with me everyday but he said that he misses me and he loves
me im sorry im repeating everything im falling for him
again more and more now and i cant do that it hurts me so
bad to sit here and watch him feel like this and knows i
feel the same way i just wish we could fine a positive
medium so that we could be together and we could be happy
and never argue but thats what michael and i do we argue
with one another i cant stand it if i was with him i would
try my hardest to not fight with him i would try to be the
bestgirlfriend for him i lvoe him so much and it sucks so
bad that i cant be with him i love him more then words
could ever explain

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