Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-03-04 00:02:42 (UTC)

With A Cane That I Twirled Round My Diamond Ring Finger...

Man...I've felt so much today. Since 4pm in fact. There's
a chap at work (If he ever reads this, I can't name him,
there's a very sad man not allowing me to do that) and
he's finally - after about 3 weeks of worrying us all -
got moved into his new house before the arrival of his and
his wife's baby. How do I feel? Relieved? Yes. Happy? Yes.
Just glad that he doesn't have too much to stress over,
because he's too much of a nice bloke to have too much to
worry about - its tough enough having a first child, I

After I left work, I bumped into...a girl I used to be
very fond of in my first year - again. I wasn't quite so
badly affected by this this time. But I know she
recognised me, and she smiled and waved and I felt like a
shit all over again...and I won't see her again until long
after I leave Norwich, so I've ruined my chance of
anything there. (Not anything that way, just ANYTHING at
all). On this subject, I'm convinced my housemate's
girlfriend was a housemate of hers when I went round for a
chinese meal with her in my first year.....I don't know.
Maybe I'm dreaming of coincidence.

I do hope not.

Then I met a friend of ours who's visiting from Belgium.
Just imagine a person who couldn't be further from me if
she tried. There you go. It was nice, but I always feel -
not quite as at home as my housemate does. Its all a bit
odd. I'm welcome, but not at home with them. Put up and
shut up, I say, friends come and go, and the more effort
you make to keep in touch the better. So I do.

And now? I've drunk (Just) too much....and now I want to
go to sleep. So I will.

WILT? Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks....Its 30 years
since it came out, they say