[ ToO fUcT uP 2 CaRe AnYmOrE ]
2004-03-03 23:38:42 (UTC)


jus a short note but.....kinda been meaning to do one of
these for mooooonths! i know a couple people who use this
so n i cudnt b bothered searchin for another place n i
doubt they'll find me here so this will do. am from
scotland.....am 16 yr old girl n still at skool...BIG
manson fan:D love my music n frends...altho i cant trust
mosta them :s. hav sum reli fuct up relationships with
people that i jus wana get away from n leave behind...skool
sux but its a scive altho am failin :S life is normal at
the mo altho its not what am lookin for i wana leave here
and to b honest wudnt mind leaving mosta my frends behind.
i miss the old times, i dont like the way things are
turning out at the mo. i miss the way my frends used to b
especially my closest frend ever. things r so complicated.
anywayz am off to bed

xXx PoGo xXx

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