robot talk. bleepity bloop.
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2004-03-03 23:25:23 (UTC)

fly with me lets fly away

its funny when seagulls are flying around here. its as if
they dont realize that theyre not by the sea, or perhaps
they cant find the sea and have settled upon the raritan
river as their turf. theyre lost. maybe thats why theyre
always crying like they do.

perhaps theyre laughing. theyre laughing at us because,
from up there, they can see how small we are. they have the
vantage point to see us all trying to act so big when in
reality, we are so far from it. go up high enough, and we
disappear completly.

so small. i was looking at my achilles tendon the other day
and thinking of how important it was and how much it must've
hurt mr. achilles to have had an arrow sticking out of it.
crippling even. such a small tendon, smaller than my
thumb, but so crucial in that, if it didnt exist at all,
things wouldnt be like this. so small but when omitted, i
would be forced to realize how small i was, footless by
coincidence and always looking up.

always crying because it would be so hard to find the ocean,
or laughing because i knew where i stood when most people
had no idea.

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