Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-03-03 20:13:25 (UTC)

gettin better

he ppl. well im getting better. slowly but surely. i was
even laughing and smiling during lunch. but that was the
2nd half of the day. the 1st half of the day sucked. this
morning in the car we were talkin about it and my mum told
me and jason that his aorta (sp?) basically swelled to the
size of an orange and then burst and he bled to death. and
me....i sit during fcat thinkin about it. i thought about
it so much that i made myself sick. i felt like i was
gonna puke. in gym i did one lap and felt sooo sick. so i
asked coach if i could go to the nurse. well mr. lugo
(admin) told me that the nurse would be gone till 12:30.
then he asked what i needed. when i told him that i felt
like i was gonna puke he signed my pass saying that i
could just sit in the office either till i felt better or
the nurse got back. and when i felt better to find him and
hed sign it sending me back to class. well about the
beggining of B lunch i went out and told him why i thought
i wasnt feelin good. so he told me i should talk to
someone. and it ended up being that i talked to him for
about a half hour. and outta all the ppl who tried to make
me feel better....Mr. Lugo is the only one that worked.
idk y. he was saying the same things that everyone else
was saying but it was different. b.c he didnt kno
anything. and he told me about his grandpa and his life
and all that stuff. idk. it just helped. then he signed my
pass to lunch and i just went and had fun. i guess thats
just part of the healing process. me and grandma are going
to ceramics tomorrow still. and cody asked me to go to the
magic game with him friday night. idk if that will happen
or not but...he still asked. and if not that then maybe i
can see if he can come here saturday or something. idk.
but im just gonna live life. im still gonna miss my
grandpa......but i think that the best way to honor him is
to get good grades and just keep on living.