I see the light
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2004-03-03 19:18:08 (UTC)

Everyday I am closer to the Light

Hello again..
I am again in the office awaiting my outcome. I went to a
Fellowship during my lunch break which was very rewarding.
I sat with fellow Christians and conversations about
sinning. We followed the passge 1 John chapter 2.
I so wanted to let everyone know in that room that I
have found my faith again and knowing and feeling His
presence.. I have seen things through different eyes.
Things that use to be important to me, didn't seem so
important. Which was not so good for me in the beginning.
I have found comfort in my children which were before were
a burden. How the Lord lives in our hearts makes a big
difference. I have felt the difference and still do. I'm
not saying it is easy... believe me.. It is not easy at
all. I am constantly bombarded with impure thoughts
against individuals who I felt have wronged me but that is
Satan trying to make us lose our faith.. I have faith and I
will give my worry up to the Lord and I pray that this
ordeal will end soon.

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