Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-03-03 14:37:28 (UTC)

english lesson

last lesson of the day at last!

Everyone had science exams... I didn't I only have to sit
one exam! and everyone else is doing moduals!!!
Which is good for me but bad for 'pip'! He's been ill all
week I didn't think he'd turn up ... but he did :) He left
after his exam though! He's still ill I'll go see him
I haven't wrote for a while because my pc crashed and I
haven't had time untill now to write in the lessons but
I'll be with "tish" and "roberthood" tonight so i'll use
their pc if 'dougal' will fuck off!!!!
i cant wait to get home. I feel sick I have a really bad
cold and a head ache!! but I still gotta do my work and
stay in or 'maid marianne' will kill me!!!
I really should be finishing course work, but I can't be

Mood: bored, sick and tierd!
music: none ... but I wrote a little song and it's in my
coments: love your work fight the fight keep the peace and
have sex whenever!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ amy xxx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~