Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
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2004-03-03 13:21:57 (UTC)

The closest thing to crazy

February 6th
Today I had plans to go out with my friend Elaine. We used
to work together at the tuition place i still work now but
she left to go work somewhere else and we haven't really
had a chance to socialise for long while.
Tonight we decided to go up to London for a meal and to
really catch on all the events going on in our lives. We
met at the train station and we chatted all sorts of
nonsense till we go there. As we were travelling she showed
me pictures of her relatives and telling me about how she
thought that one of her cousins might be gay. I asked her
why she thought that and she said that he never really was
into girls and was very quiet about alot of things. I said
that could have been a number of things but oh well best
not rub it. As we went into London we went to a nice
restaurant- Wagamama, which served a variety of japanese
noodle dishes. I've been there a number of times but its
the first times she has ever been. We sat down, ordered our
drinks and food then chatted about stuff thats been going
on in our lives. I was chatting to her about in the last
month-ish about whats been previously happening with people
and stuff thats going on. She was talking about her friend
Kim and how shes changed to the point where she longer
recognised her. She told me that after she went to another
school to do her A-Levels, she neglected all of her friends
and past so that she can start anew in the school, which is
shame because they use to be best friends.
Our meals came and we spoke about what we liked to do and
funny things like celebrities, people and things we've
After the meal we headed towards G-A-Y bar and had a few
drinks. We danced the night away to the songs on the video
jukebox and we had such a fantastic night. We finished
after our songs came on (Kylie-Red Blooded Woman & Dannii
Minogue- I begin to wonder). We arrived home at around 11,
went out seperate ways and said goodbye. What a great

February 7-13th
This week I basically been doing my law coursework which
had to been in on Friday. I've also taken time to clean my
room and organise stuff from uni =.

February 14th (Valentines Day)- Today I went out with my
date Tom. I went to work then came back home around 1 to
get something small to eat and then left at around 2pm. Met
up with him around 3 and then we went around the scene. He
seemed extremely nervous but he wasn't shy. We first went
into Ku-bar and we saw Carl (fucking bastard whos so full
of himself), and we said hi. Then he unzipped the jumper
that Tom was wearing and tried to put his hands down his
chest, we left in a hurry. We then went to G-A-Y bar and
spoke again. We then sat down had one drink and then went
off to have a meal in this little Italian restaurant. It
was small and quiet and we talked most of the time about
things. He spoke mostly about his school and his friends
which is fair enough and talked mostly about what happened
in the last week or so with my uni. We went back to G-A-Y
bar after an hour and then I gave him a necklace and gave
him a kiss. It didn't feel right and from the rest of the
night I felt really bad. We then headed back to Ku Bar
where we had a few more drinks. He went into the toilet and
apparently some guy pinched his arse. I really felt sorry
for him because it seems that today he seems to think that
this is what actually happens when you go out on the scene.
To me it seems like he misunderstood everything and I mean
everything about the whole day, it was about having fun but
he just seems to have gone quiet half the day. We took a
walk and we talked a bit more and then we went our seperate
ways. To me it was ok, it wasn't as how I expected but it
seems that I shouldn't expect so much from someone. To me
I've made a friend but it seems it was the wrong time and
wrong place for introductions.

16-29 Mostly coursework, haven't really being going out as
much as I have, saving up for things i might need.