Thoughts of His girl
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2004-03-03 05:58:19 (UTC)



As I kneel before you in this solemn hour
Uniting our two hearts
In the depth of my soul I do know that your love was
created soley for me,
and in the depth of yours you know that I give ALL to
you , like no other

We need to pastor topronounce us husband and wife
Tis to you and you alone I plede my love, my submission,
my life
The commitment has been made,
To no other could i belong because you own my heart

Tis a great joy to gaze into your eyes, to see the love
that resides
Love unbritaled is what i see
Trust that I act not on simple emotions but solid reality
The goddess and fate have broughtyou and I here this
moment in time

My friend, my love, my Master
In my each others grasps you and I will reside forever and
a day,
And this collar upon my kneck, that you now own, a
constanst reminder
To you I give all
Because all you give to me..
tami loves You Master!

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