Thoughts of His girl
2004-03-03 05:39:57 (UTC)

I Feel Lost With Out Him

I just logged into to journal and got this message. (sigh)
I miss him so much. I wonder if he relizes how empty I
feel when we dont talk. Its ironic but those who know me
see the differnce in my mood and deminer. I love him so

Timestamp: 2004-03-02 22:48:25 GMT

Mine...My computer blew the other night when I was online
am on a friends computer now but He doesnt have MSN or GCN
down loaded so this is the only way I can contact you
I will be getting someone out in the next day or two
I love you

Ginas bf brought a duffle bag over tonight guess he plans
on spending alot of nights here.(smirx)I cant deal with
much more of this . I will never understand women like
her. I am watching Torie tomorrow bc she is going to see
a movie with her bf and his family.

I have a 9 am appointment tomorrow with the school
phsycologist and speech therapist for aaron . hes been out
of school for 8 wks with this staff infection and ive had
nothing but head aches from the school . I gave them until
the end of the week to get him tested and placed or I
would file a formal complaint with the school board.

Chris keeps asking me whats wrong why today and today I
seem qiuet and down . I have alot on my mind but I miss
Master so much when we dont talk it hurts. I physcally
feel drained and in a fog with out spending time with him.
Its strange. Ive had others Masters even r/l ones and I
have never felt this before... this need for them. I dont
know how to explain it. Sometimes its like hes a drug that
I am feening for. His strength, his attention.

Chris gives me his attention but its differnent and I dont
think he understands that totally . He tries to
understand. I should go to bed soon because I have to be
up early in the morning and get me and aaron dressed and